What is Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the process of distributing a company’s computing and storage resources to a service provider to host data, services, and solutions. The cloud provider is the one who manages security, cloud infrastructure, and maintenance. At times the cloud provider will allow the clients to customize applications and software and also to scale the servers which are online. Storage and compute resources are distributed across numerous VMS. Cloud hosting is a bit cheap as compared to traditional dedicated hosting which requires organizations to build and also manage their own data centres. In the traditional hosting servers, hardware, storage, and virtual resources are located in premises, and the capital can be a costly venture for organizations.

How does cloud hosting work

Every server that’s in the cloud is designed for a particular task. In case the server fails to perform other servers from the cloud come in and back up the failed server and they perform the required services. Something similar will also happen in case the server is overloaded. If the cloud providers are using low-quality hardware, there is a high chance for poor performance from the servers. Such a case is usually found with cheap hosting providers.

Future of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting has been there for decades, and a lot of big companies have been using their services, but for small-scale business owners to use these services the prices should be brought down a little. Over the last 4-5 years the pricing of the cloud services has shot down, and business owners have discovered the benefits of cloud hosting which is making other entrepreneurs to make the step of using cloud hosting services.

A lot of business have invested in shifting to the cloud while other companies still haven’t adopted the necessary infrastructure which is required for them to start using cloud. The primary reason as to why cloud hosting is not yet that popular is because of the high price which a lot of small business still can’t be able to afford. As new reduced cost implementations of cloud hosting are underway, we are expecting to see a lot of business now moving to cloud hosting services.


Cloud hosting has been around for decades, and most businesses are using cloud services. As the prices of cloud hosting continue to get low, it’s expected that more small business owners will shift and start using cloud hosting services.

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