3 Important Tasks to Tick Off When Transferring Your Domain Name.

It’s very normal to buy a domain name and then completely forget about it only to remember when you are issued with renewal fees. In some cases, you might opt to transfer your domain name using another registrar. Transferring your domain name can be a good way of joining your multiple domains into one service or have your domain name and your web hosting from one company. Also, you might find lower rates at the new registrar.

One of the reasons for transferring your domain is because you bought your domain name and web hosting separately and you now want to join the two services under the same company or registrar. The second reason is if you possess multiple domains and you want to retain all of them at the same place. The third reason is if your current registrar is charging a lot of renewal fees or if you aren’t happy with the services they are offering.

3 important tasks to tick off when transferring your domain name

Researching prospective registrars

If you are looking forward to transferring your domain either to the company which is your hosting provider or to another one, you need to research them before doing so. Look for the lowest renewal rates when doing your research and also read the fine print so that you won’t be misled. Look for providers who have excellent customer service and support, and you can look for their reviews and rating from previous clients. Also look for companies which will offer quality hosting plans for your domain.

Unlocking your domain

After you have gotten your ideal registrar, the next thing should be unlocking your domain name. A lot of the times your domain name will be locked to its former registrar which means that it cannot be moved without you approving it. When you unlock it, you will be able to move it anywhere you want.

Ensure your contact details are correct

When you start the process of transferring your domain, the domain registrar will most likely go through your contact information to check whether it’s correct and whether you are the owner of that domain. Hence it’s important to make sure you update your contact information.


Transferring your domain is not hard. But you can run into a few problems if you don’t carefully plan for the transferring process.

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